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Nov 20, 2007

ITIL V3 Introductory Overview: 'Littler ITIL' Free to Download

ITIL V3 Introductory Overview: 'Littler ITIL' Book Picture itSMF UK in association with Best Management Practice published a high-level overview of ITIL V3 - "An Introductory Overview of ITIL V3.

This is a small pocket book providing an executive level overview of the new ITIL V3 and its five lifecycle phases. Book has some 50 pages and reminds me of a similar IT Service Management book from 2001. This older one was about Support/Delivery in V2 and was very, very useful, since it was possible back then to put a complete detailed quick reference the core ITSM in cca 70 pages.

Now, in V3, scope being so seriously broadened, it would be difficult to compress it in a similar manner to less then 200-300 pages, so this is probably the best we can get (at this moment).

Basic lifecycle points are covered briefly and simply, main processes and their cross-references are touched, and it says a few in the end about the qualifications/certification, at least as it is in this moment (I hope to see some changes there).

Anyway, in this beginning era of ITIL V3, there was a need for this kind of publication, and here it is. Good for executive overview and introductory purposes. Maybe in next versions we will see some more meat in it, namely more basic process info and cornerstone diagrams.

For now, you can order it at your local itSMF chapter or download the .pdf from itSMF UK or Best Management Practice site.