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May 2, 2013

Cabinet Office let the 51% of ITIL/PRINCE2 to Capita plc

Her Majesty decided to let the 51% of ITIL/PRINCE2 ownership to Capita plc, a company selected after an extensive procurement process to create a new Joint Venture organization. 

Cabinet Office will get 10 million pounds advance and three additional annual payments of 9,4 million pounds. In return, Capita will own 51% of a new Joint Venture (JV) organization. Government Office keeps 49%.

That's a lot of money. And this transaction opens a lot of questions, for all involved subjects. What will change for ATOs, authors of central and complementary publications, certified companies and individuals? Who will write new versions?
How is the new JV going to triple the revenue in next ten years? Who is going to receive the short end of the stick? Furthermore, why is Cabinet Office selling a piece of a golden goose?

We on ITIL side of the fence recognized the V3 and 2011 pumped up the pyramid of revenue-generation. Owner of ITIL will earn much more in this new frame. Is the government really that bad in managing money generators as ITIL and PRINCE2 after thirty-something years of experience?

Time will probably tell. But I have a huge problem with patience...