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Jul 9, 2007

ITIL Service Support Process Interaction

ITIL Service Support Process Interaction Diagram

I have been putting ITIL V2 Service Support info here for some time, sabotaging the fact that V3 is out there for more then a month. In the meantime I visited a local ITSMF conference with ITIL V3 presented by Vernon Lloyd and David Wheeldon. I got the books with nautilus, peas, starfish X-ray design covers. They are stashed near my bedpost, efficiently putting me to sleep almost every night for some time. Besides, much is said about V3 recently on the Net and I was constantly lacking time for V3, since I had to prepare for my ITIL Service Manager exam.

Now I will have some spare time to dedicate to V3, and I will put here my observations in near future, while I am still fresh with ITIL ITSM data.

ITIL Service Support Process Interaction Model

To wrap this Service Support series of articles I am giving you my CMAP diagram of process interaction, very simplified and adjusted to my level of complexity tolerance.

Mind mapping is nice and all, it works for some people more then for the others, but this little free tool is a great convenience in process and knowledge mapping. I could do this in MS Visio, but I tend to keep info available to wide audience, so please, if you want this map, drop me a comment. Enjoy.


artcheng said...

Thanks for your summary. I really appreciated your job and gratitude for your kindness of sharing the knowledge.

Slash said...

Hi, we have a front entry portal through which the customer must identify if they are logging a "request" or an "incident". If they log what should be a "request" as an "incident", our support desk closes the "incident" and asks the customer to re-log their "request" correctly as a "request". Is this good ITIL, or should the support desk rather be re-classifying the customer request themselves? Unfortunately your diagram does not make this clear, as it does not cover Customer requests.

doctor said...

this is an old ITIL V2 diagram where service requests were processed thru IM or CM.

Basically, final classification should be done in Service Desk.

Customer is not guilty of not knowing the difference between an incident and service request, since many ITIL Experts have a problem with it :)

You might want to have a look at this post: What is Password Reset: Service request, Incident or Change?

Thanks for stopping by.

Chinna said...

Nice source :) i need service support process image as mindmap format(.xmind or .mm)

doctor said...

hi Chinna,

you can download Service Support mmap with a link in upper left corner:

Best regards

Chinna said...

Thank you