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Sep 19, 2007

ITIL V2 Mind Maps Free Download

I have took the liberty of posting my ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery mind maps in .mmap form. I have created these while preparing for my ITIL Service Manager exam.
They are simple reference documents with basic bullets per process, but I hope you can use it and upgrade them if you wish while you study.
Documents will be on eSnips for the first time, until I migrate this blog to another domain.
Links to documents can be found in the upper left part of the homepage.
Soon I will post some of my V3 maps and graphs in the same place.


Opção Criativa said...

Thank you for your posting - very nice and helpful.

doctor said...

No problem man, happy ITILization ;-)

Anonymous said...

ITIL3 mmap doesn't open

doctor said...

Well, the best thing would be to save it on your disk and unzip it. Then try to open it with your MindManager. I've saved it in MM V7 format, so if that is an issue, please download a viewer from
Thanks and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

not found .mmap
it's have 2 files 2 folder
like this
.png+.xml+xsd folder + bin