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Mar 13, 2008

ITIL - ISO/IEC 20000 Compared

General Comparisson
ISO 20000
Best Practice
Best Practice
Standard & Code of Practice
Individual Certification
Individual Certification
Certification of a Service Provider Organization and individuals (lately)
Best practice guidance, detailed description and implementation guidance
Best practice guidance, detailed description and implementation guidance slightly more prescriptive then V2
High-level requirements
Defines process and function roles and responsibilities
Defines process and function roles and responsibilities
Org. structure independant, defines few mandatory roles
Process based, 10 processes & 1 function
Service Lifecycle Based, 26 processes, 4 functions
Continual improvement based, 16 processes, no functions
Processes & Functions
ISO 20000
Planning to Implement Service Management Continual Svc. Improvement Planning and Implementing Service Management
Service Delivery Svc. Strategy, Svc. Design, Continual Svc. Improvement Service Delivery
Service Level Management Service Level Management Service Level Management
Service Reporting - Reporting from SLM - Service Reporting
Financial Management Financial Management Budgeting and Accounting for IT Services
IT Service Continuity Management IT Service Continuity Management Service Continuity and Availability Management 
Availability Management Availability Management
Capacity Management Capacity Management Capacity Management
- demand management from Capacity Management) - Demand Management -
Security Management Information Security Management Information Security Management
Service Support Svc. Operation Resolution Processes
Incident Management Event Management, Request Fulfilment, Incident Management Incident Management
Service Desk Service Desk - No functions in ISO 20k -
  Svc. Transition, Svc. Operation Controll Processes
Configuration Management Service Asset and Configuration Management Configuration Management
Change Management Change Management Change Management
  Service Transition Release Processes
Release Management Release and Deployment Management Release Management
  Svc. Design Relationship Processes
- Supplier Management Supplier Management
  Svc. Strategy, Svc.Design, Svc. Improvement  
  Parts of Service Portfolio Management, Service Level Management and Continual Service Improvement Business Relationship Management


Anonymous said...

nice table, doctor, but where is the text?

doctor said...

Smart notice, A!

This post only demonstrates my ignorance for entering html table and text in a blogger post >:-(

This is just a comparisson table for processes & functions in ITIL and ISO 20k. Will be usefull for readers of previous posts and the one that is almost ready and will be posted soon.

Smartphone said...

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Louis DiMeglio said...

Interesting post. I can't help but laugh when I get asked at work whether our product is ITIL compliant. Telling potential customers there is no such thing as ITIL compliancy just doesn't seem to work. All we can do is keep educating.

doctor said...


we are all educating, and by showing competence we hope that the customer wil recognize our knowledge and consistency.

Here and there, comes a hard one wanting snake oil and ITIL compliancy and nothing else. Do you send him to competition or sell?

If my kids are not hungry I send him to competition ;-)

Kevin said...

Fantastic Post. I know I am going to read every single Post of yours this weekend. Thanks for the transfer of knowledge.

doctor said...

Hi Anon,

I have just been so busy lately, but ITIL Application management will be the title of my next post, soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi! It is very interesting post. Do you think that companies, which has processes compliant with ITIL v3, will require ISO 20k? Who can or want to certify in ISO 20k? What is the main different between ISO & ITIL?

doctor said...

Dear Anon,
you would probably like to read my post ISO 2000 Rediscovered
Please do, and if you have questions, let me know.

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It Change Management Consulting said...

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Philip said...

I just wanted to say thankyou for the amazing information in your blog.

I've found that in spending just an hour browsing through your various posts I've found the missing pieces to the puzzel which I needed to understand the ralationship between Change, Release and Config Management.

I've found ITIL incredibly beneficial for our organisation and myself and although we still have a long way to go, it's a great feeling to see the light at the end of the tunnel; the incremental benefits along the way and understand that this is the right path that we have chosen.

Thanks again.