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Dec 5, 2014

ISO 20000 Resolution processes documentation

Incident and Problem management, being the most matured processes in service management should be easy to define in ISO20k. But where do we put documents and records? What do we have to pay attention to?

And here comes the infamous resolution process group. How to deal with these documents and records?

Incident and service request management
Procedure: As we know, in Incident management there are three separate procedures. If you are a small service support organization, all three of them can be in one document, as separate chapters.

Policy is not required, but, as I said, we like to keep the standard form for all processes. Policy, again, can be a separate document or a part of above mentioned procedure document, preferably in the beginning. Your documents will sit in a Resolution process group folder on your file share, document management system or a service management wiki.

Records: You probably have some kind of a ticketing app, or a full Service Desk application. Your Incident and Service request records will reside there.
Same as before, you have to agree with the customers about some details, AND don't forget to keep these agreements in electronic or paper form. Your auditor will probably want to see them.

Resolution process group in ISO/IEC 20000

Problem management
Procedure: As we know, the Problem management process can be fairly simple until you start to write it down. Please, try to have fun with this one as we did :)
Policy: same as above.

Records: Problem records, known errors, fixes and even reviews can be kept in your Service Desk application, or at least they can be linked to a document repository where they are saved in MS Word, PDF or other form.
Reports about process effectiveness will be kept in your document repository or maybe somewhere where you maintain your meeting minutes documents.

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