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May 26, 2007

Incident Management Mind Map

Incident Management MindMap picture

I have process mind maps, and I am looking for a free tool to display them on the web. Until then, here is a JPG of Incident Management mind map.


Matt said...

Hi, you can import your mind map into freemind, a free open source mind mapping tool. We have a mind map displayed online with the freemind web applet (also free). See example at

Jennifer Goddard said...

How did you go with creating more ITIL examples in Mind Maps?

I have been working with some clients in ITIL and it would be great to show them some examples.

I have been collecting different Mind Maps and posting them on Would love to include any that are suitable for the public domain


Anonymous said...

If i gave a dollar for the quantity of great articles you've got written you'd be rich. Just thought i would let you know how grateful i am.

doctor said...

geee, weee, friend, I am not after your dollars but nice to hear that :)
have a blast with Incident Management!