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Oct 7, 2007

ITIL V3 Mind Map Download

ITIL V3 Mind Map Picture

There is a lot of stuff in the new V3 core books. I have read most of it, and I was overwhelmed with new slang, archetypes, processes, acronyms.

After the second reading, you start noticing that there even exists a connection between the graphics and the text in these books. One just has to read carefully.

Memorizing and putting things in a perspective can be difficult when grasping such a broad scope. Mind mapping can help to some extent.

I have created a simple mind map for the purpose of my own data organization. I thought that sharing it with a community would be a good idea. So I have put it for download on this temporary space.

I took the measure of deleting the content that could be problematic as copyright goes. Still, a lot of public info and my own graphics are left inside. This is a working copy, and will be upgraded regularly. For now it is in Mindjet Mind Manager format, if you have trouble viewing it, let me know, I can maybe export it to xml.


Danny Gunawan said...

Your link is not working anymore. Can you provide a new working one?

doctor said...


teribly sorry if the download site was not operative.

Alternatively, I have put these docs here: ITSMdoc Googlepages

Will have to do something about the domain and hosting, but I am so outa time...

Thanks 4 the comment!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of downloading the mindmaps in mmap format?

doctor said...

I am not sure what you mean, the map is in mmap format...

Anonymous said...

Your blog has lot of good ITSM information. Congratulations !
Can u please send a simple format of itil V3 mindmap at aswin319 at thhe ratte gm ai l.

doctor said...

please tell me what format you need, and I will post it on ITSMdoc Googlepages.

Regards, Doc

francois said...

This mindmap is a killer!!! Thanks for sharing that

Anonymous said...

How about exporting a more universal format like PDF?

doctor said...

Well I kind of thought that downloading & installing a mmap viewer shouldnt be a problem, but more and more people contacted me from corps where they are limited by policies, so I will post a PDF version soon. Thanx for reminding me.

Anonymous said...


Any closer on that PDF version of the mindmap?


doctor said...

Hi Alexi!

well, when I export the map to PDF it somehow loses its interactivity and looks lame a little.

Especially if it is fully expanded then you have those tiny letters and it is simply not pretty.

Anyway, if you really want it, send me an email to ITSMdoc(monkeyhere) and I will send it to you gladly.


Anonymous said...

hello, thanks for sharing, but can you export it to xml please? I'm using freemind but it seems it does not know how to open mmap files

doctor said...

at the moment I can not manipulate original files, but you can view the map on mindmeister site:

hope this helps,