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Jan 21, 2008

ITIL Service Manager Exam Quick Reference

As I can see, a lot of people are still training for V2 ITIL Service Manager exam. Just for their convenience, I have added a few .pdf documents that I created while preparing for this exam.

Documents are not very tidy, maybe there is a typo here and there and they are not polished for publishing, but they are full of referent facts. And of course, they are free.

So here they are for you:


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, this is very helpful

    John Reiling said...

    At this point, ITIL v2 is pretty much phased out. But this blog in general is an excellent resource, and I plan to take advantage of some of your downloads, especially the ITIL Mind Map! Thank you.
    John Reiling, PMP
    Project Management Training Online