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Jan 7, 2008

ITIL SM 2007 Recap

Here is a short recapitulation of 2007 themes on this blog:

ITIL SM 05-2007: ITIL
This was a short overview of ITIL V2.

ITIL SM 05-2007: Service Support
Here I covered ITIL V2 Service Support process & functions:- Service Desk- Problem Management- Change Management- Release Management- Configuration Management

ITIL SM 05-2007: Service Desk
Service Desk basics.

ITIL SM 05-2007: Service Desk Quick Facts
Service Desk quick reference data: Objectives, Activities, CSFs, Benefits.

ITIL SM 05-2007: Incident Management Elements
Incident Management Basics: Goal, Roles, Inputs, Activities, Output, Benefits, CSFs, KPIs

ITIL SM 05-2007: All About Incident Classification
Incident classification: categories, subcategories, problem type, product type, category tree, Assignment Queue...

  • Assignment and escalation
  • Problem analysis
  • Reporting.

ITIL SM 06-2007: Incident Priority - What Everyone Should Know
Incident priority is primarily formed out of it's Impact and Urgency. There are also additional elements, like size, scope, complexity and resources required for resolution.
Also, here are additional facts about Incident Escalation:
  • Functional Escalation
  • Hierarchical Escalation
I see a lot of visitors coming on this and the previous page.

ITIL SM 06-2007: Configuration Management Basics
Configuration Management Basics: Goal, Roles, Inputs, Activities, Output, Possible Problems, Benefits, CSFs, KPIs.
Configuration Management mind map (mmap).

ITIL SM 06-2007: CMDB - What You Need To Know
Some basics on Configuration Management Database.

ITIL SM 07-2007: Change Management Quick Reference
Change Management Quick Reference: Goal, Roles, Process, Inputs, Activities, Output, Possible Problems, Benefits, Responsibilities, CSFs, KPIs.

ITIL SM 07-2007: ITIL Service Support Process Interaction
ITIL Service Support Process Interaction in CMAP. Less people visited this page so I decided not to analyze too much in further posts.

ITIL SM 07-2007: ITIL V3 - What's New?
At this time, I've already read most of the new ITIL v3 books, so this is my view of what's new.


  • Service Strategy: Creating the set of services that help achieve business objectives.
  • Service Design: Designing services, from technical and business perspective.
  • Service Transition: How to change live production infrastructure, implementing the needed services.
  • Service Operation: Day-to-day IT business, operating. A place to start if you are new to ITIL.
  • Continual Service Improvement: Evaluating and improving services in support of business goals.
ITIL SM 09-2007: ITIL V3 And The Vacuum
Waiting for the additional ITIL V3 complementary material.

ITIL SM 09-2007: ITIL V2 Mind Maps Free Download
Offered ITIL V2 Mind Maps for Free Download.

ITIL SM 09-2007: A Brief History of ITIL
A Brief (but not too brief) History of ITIL.

ITIL SM 10-2007: ITIL V3 Mind Map Download
Offered ITIL V3 Mind Map Download. I have created a simple mind map for the purpose of my own data organization. I thought that sharing it with a community would be a good idea. So I have put it for download.

ITIL SM 10-2007: ITIL V3 Service Portfolio, Pipeline and Catalogue
In ITIL V3, the customer is more into focus then technology. In V2, customer and his satisfaction were important on a declarative level, but minimum effort was made to point out methods, the whats and hows to improve the customer satisfaction. Instead of CMDB, the Service Catalogue is in charge now.

ITIL SM 10-2007: ITIL Foundations Exam - Go/No Go?
What about attending ITIL V3 Foundations?

ITIL SM 11-2007: ITIL V3 Introductory Overview: 'Littler ITIL' Free to Download
Finally a short overview of ITIL V3 by itSMF UK in association with Best Management Practice.

ITIL SM 12-2007: ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme
ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme for very smart people, and dummies also.

This year I will post about details in V3 that interest me the most, there will be updates to ITILv3 Mindmap. Right now I am researching tools for ITIL process automation, and I plan to give a critical comparison very soon.

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