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Feb 13, 2012

ITIL 2011 Processes

Here is a clear and organized table of ITIL 2011 processes for you. What is where, what is important, what is old and new:

ITIL 2011 Processes table
ITIL 2011 Processes Table

There are some changes from 2007 edition.

What is not so obvious from this table, most of the changes happened in Service Strategy. Strategy Generation is not treated as a process any more, rest of the processes are more uniformly described. New processes are Strategy management for IT Services and Business Relationship Management.

Some interesting changes in Service Design also: processes are better described and aligned, I like to see clarified Pipeline to Catalogue transition. New process is Design Coordination.

Less radical changes in Service Transition. Understandable, since these were mature processes. Except for Evaluation, which is now called Change Evaluation process.

Least changes in Service Operation. Of course, new Service Fulfillment and Event Management additionally clarified. Interesting , but not unexpected, Problem Management was polished some more. Looks like Problem Management was problematic from the beginning :)

Continual Service Improvement: of course, more changes. CSI model is now CSI approach. 7-step process has seven steps :)  What bothers  me a little is that Service Measurement and Reporting are not processes any more. Where I work, these are most important processes and the right place for them is in CSI.

All four functions are still Defined in Service Operation:
  • Service Desk
  • Technical Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Application Management

Generally, I like the way things are developing. This is probably not the last of changes we will see in ITIL. TSO and Cabinet Office people are taking care of their baby.


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